Eggs in Corn Tortillas

I recently discovered the versatility of corn tortillas.  Unless they are baked or fried and served with a side of salsa, I rarely have had the opportunity to try them out.  But on a trip to the local store they were out of the fajita sized flour tortillas that I like to buy.  I bought a pack of small fresh corn tortillas (lard free) and set out to use them where I usually use their flour cousin.  The one thing I quickly noticed was that you have to warm them for maximum flavor and flexibility.  Follow these steps for a quick and filling meal, pictured below.

Egg and Mushroom Tortillas- for 1 serving

First to warm the tortillas, place in a hot dry skillet for a few seconds a side until you start to smell toasted corn and the tortillas are soft and warmed through.  Remove and place on serving plate.

Adding a bit of olive oil to the warmed pan, sauteé a few washed and sliced mushrooms.  **Tip- wait until they sweat a bit before adding salt and pepper.

After the mushrooms are wilted, pour over 2 eggs that you have beat with a little water and cook until the eggs are of desired consistency.  Option-Before your eggs finish cooking top with cheddar or pepper jack cheese for some zip.  Once the cheese is melted, portion the egg mixture into the tortillas and fold over.  The cheese will help keep the little bundles together, like a yummy glue.  (I sprinkled a few dashes of hot sauce before I closed them up!)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh boy those look yummy. When is breakfast served?

    1. Thank you! Hope you are well

  2. Thank you! I don’t like the taste or quality of fast-food eggs. Plus, you can control what’s going in to them. Enjoy!

  3. Babygirl says:

    This breakfast sandwich looks wayyy better than anything I’ve ever seen at fast food chains and I refuse to eat those. I might just lift my ban and try your recipe

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