Reading by the light of my Christmas tree


Hi and Happy Foodless Friday!  What a busy week it has been-marathon Christmas shopping in New York is always an adventure!  Between that, work, seeing friends I’ve spent the minimally amount of time in my apartment this week.  The one thing I have made time to do is read a good book.  Next to cooking and baking, reading is one of my guilty pleasures.  Romance, mystery, vampire centric, mysterious vampires in love, whatever the subject, I love to curl up and read.  The few moments I have been able to spare, I’ve curled up on my couch, pulled on my Snuggie and read by the light of my beautiful Christmas tree.  Fitting for the season, I chose Gingerbread Cookie Murder.  Cheery, huh?   haha The Christmas-themed book compilation features Joanne Fluke, of the Hannah Swenson mysteries, Laura Levine, of the Jaine Austen Mysteries and Leslie Meier, of the Lucy Stone mysteries is the second collaboration for the authors.  Their other book Candy Cane Murder came out in 2007 and is also a great find. 

I adore these three authors.  Their style of writing just draws me in an allows me to set aside what I am doing and really sink my teeth into a good mystery, plus there are recipes included so you can whip up treats for your family and friends too they’ll certainly appreciate it!

Enjoy your weekend fellow foodies!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. haha, I have a bunch if you ever want to borrow

  2. ewinkelly says:

    clearly i didn’t read the last line of your post before i commented… 😉

  3. ewinkelly says:

    I think I read a few by Joanna Fluke – she always includes recipes, right? I’m pretty sure I picked them up at a bargain book sale…

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