What a year it has been…

2011 has been an interesting year.  So far I’ve started my *new* Q & A with Daisy posts, I’ve seen snow every day, I’ve purged closets and cabinets of unnecessary items, I’ve gotten a stomach bug, a nose that is both stuffed and runny at the same time, missed out on winning the Mega Millions and even caught the newest performance of La Traviata.  Quite something, huh?

I am embarrassed to admit that I missed my Foodless Friday posting because I was sleeping off some cold medicine that I am just now, on Sunday night starting to see the fog lift off my brain.  Ah, winters in the Northeast.  Anywho, hopefully you’ll excuse the Foodless Sunday post because I was so excited to tell you all about the amazing time I had this week at the Opera.

For Christmas this year, I bought my dad tickets to the Opera.  I remembered him mentioning in passing that seeing the Opera was on his “bucket list”.  I snuck around, asking my mom about his schedule, figured that La Traviata would be a good first time Opera for him to see (and one of my favorites) and purchased the tickets for the Tuesday night performance at the New York Metropolitan Opera; The Met.

Going into the Met never gets old to me.  The beautiful art deco building just oozes old world charm.  Full of red velvet and gilded accents, its luxurious and rich and makes you feel classy just being in the lobby.

This season, Verdi’s La Traviata is produced by Willy Decker and stars Marina Poplavskaya as Violetta and Matthew Polenzani as Alfredo.  The setting was very modern.  The stage was a pure white semi-circle with a large clock as the focal point.  I was concerned that the modern twist on the show would take away from the story but I think that it only enhanced the show.  It really gave me the chance to focus on the music.  Poplavskaya has an amazing voice.  Everytime I see this opera, I just get drawn in.  Its such a heartwrenching, yet beautiful story.  If you have the chance you must go see it!

Below are costumes from the 1966 performance of La Traviata, on display at the Met.

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