It’s All Greek to Me

I was watching Food(ography) the other day on Cooking Channel about pastry. Awesome! One of the locations that stuck out was Poseidon, a bakery on Manhattan’s West side ( 9 Ave btw 44-45 Sts) that creates not only Greek delicacies by hand but also phyllo (filo) dough. If you aren’t familiar with Phyllo, it is a very light, thin, unleavened pastry used most commonly in spanikopita and baklava. It’s most closely related to puff pastry. The process of making Phyllo is labor intensive and very few places make it by hand anymore which is why Poseidon is such a treasure. Walking into Poseidon I was surprised at the array of pastries available. The gentleman behind the counter was very helpful and explained the different items. The prices range from $3 for Baklava to homemade strudel for around $10/pound. But, what I was most excited about was the homemade Phyllo that they sell for $6. Below are photos and reviews of just a portion of what Poseidon offers. I brought them home and warmed the spanikopita and tiropita in the oven which made the filling warm and the pastry extra flaky and crisp. For my next trip: Poppy seed pastry, cherry cheese strudel and kreatopita (meat pie).

The star- Spanikopita. This is probably the most common Greek appetizer. Phyllo dough filled with spinach, feta, dill, onion, and spices. This was by far the best I have ever tasted. Super flavorful, well seasoned and full.

Tiropita- Phyllo dough filed with feta, other cheeses, spices and what I think is a hint of lemon. Delicious and a nice departure from Spanikopita.

Finika- A sweet cookie full of almonds, almond paste and honey. Good consistency and a nice change up from the common baklava.

Baklava- Very good. Huge pieces ( I chose the rolled instead of the hand cut). Packed with nuts and covered in honey, but not sopping wet.

Kataifi- This was absolutely my favorite! It is comprised of a shredded and rolled dough filled with nuts and drenched in a honey syrup, much like baklava. But, the flavor of this was sweeter, brighter. The crunchy top reminded me of shredded wheat and after researching I read that this is referred to as shredded wheat dessert.

Hope you take the chance to enjoy any or all of these amazing Greek delicacies!


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  1. Christine says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Greek food, since most Greek restaurants don’t tend to mesh well with vegetarian preferences, but wow! now I want Greek desserts. You’re so lucky to be living and eating out in New York — if I ever visit the Big Apple I have a list of places to eat at as long as my arm!

    1. haha. Its good, but dangerous to my wallet (and waist!) Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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