A Reso-what? Oh, Resolution

Confession- I detoured to the Poseidon bakery on my way to work the other morning. Embarrassed? Not at all. Delicious? You better believe it. Good, now that I got that off my chest I feel better.

Truth be told, it is only really a confession because this is the time of year when everyone’s resolutions start to slip and guilt begins setting in. Give it a couple of weeks. By February the guilt is pretty much gone and its as if resolutions were never made, let alone broken. The truth is I was never really one to make resolutions at the New Year, I usually wait until Lent and do something good and/or give something up. But for this year, 21 days ago to be exact, I sat down and wrote out a few things that I want to attempt during 2011. It had what I suppose are the “usual” including exercise more, lose weight.

So here it is 3 weeks into the new year and I spend two weeks being sick most of it in bed, but suffice it to say I did lose weight and all that coughing really tightened up my abs kinda like a poor-man’s workout. Always a silver lining.

But, now instead of slowing down and having my resolutions fall apart, the typical occurrence this time of year, I am more empowered, excited even. Maybe it’s the brisk, cold air that hit my face this morning and made me feel alive or the way the sun reflected off the snow, making everything glistening and beautiful. Or maybe it’s because I spent the majority of the month out of it, whatever the case I proclaim January 21 the new January 1!

You gotta ease into your resolutions, get time to know them, understand them, give yourself time to adjust before you just give up. Like a relationship. Think about it, when you jump in with both feet, put all your eggs in one basket and throw caution to the wind, what happens? It fizzles out before it even had a chance to gain momentum. Every day should be a chance to do a little better than the day before. Don’t get down on yourself and rip up that list of things to do, embrace it! Besides, the more you do this year, the less you have to resolve to do next year, like cut down on clichés! The sky’s the limit! Happy Foodless Friday! Stay warm, my friends! 🙂


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  1. Donna says:

    I love that – Time to give up – like a relationship! Can totally relate! Great blog – I’m already a fan!

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