Woop! Woop! CoupSmart!

OMG, guess what?  It snowed again this week!  NYC is so close to breaking the snow record for January…fingers crossed!  On to another Foodless Friday post!

Ok, let me just start by saying that I am a very grateful person.  I have been blessed with a loving family, friends and things are good.  If I had one caveat, it would be that I never win the lottery.  No, really.  Not even that rip-off bingo I used to play at the Italian feast when I was a kid.  But, my friends, this week that all changed.  I hit the jackpot.

Is my name going to be on one of those big MegaMillions checks?  No.  Something even better.  I was introduced to CoupSmart.  Have you heard of this amazing site?  I saw a story on the news a few nights back while I was waiting for some Nanny reruns.  It’s this awesome site and iPhone app, developed by Blake Shipley.  In return for scanning UPC codes on your favorite products, CoupSmart works with their marketing partners to send you customized coupons and/or samples.  Is there a catch?  You can only scan items at home so no cheating!   I was acting like a kid on Christmas morning, scanning the bejeezeys out of my cupboard and freezer.  From the website, ” We send out samples and coupons when we receive them from our partner companies. Also, be sure to check out our ever-changing collection of printable coupons available on our site.” Don’t worry if you are without an iPhone.  Blackberry and Android apps coming soon or you can imput directly through the site.

After signing up online or downloading the FREE app through iTunes you start scanning barcodes of your favorite soup, frozen veggies- heck anything with a barcode!  I scanned my toothpaste while brushing one night.

My welcome email gave me suggestions of items to look for this month.  Some items I scanned were not yet in the system, but they are working on adding them.

But what’s great, is that in addition to the scanning, CoupSmart offers the Defender.  Its like a consumer superhero!  They will send you alerts on product recalls for home and business users based on the products that you buy in your area.  It offers a wide range, just today scrolling through there were recalls for everything from breaded fish to tainted toys.

Once you are signed in there are contests too.  A weekly one, for the most scans made in a week.  And a daily contest where you scan a product a day and they enter you into a contest for a gift card.

What I think is the best feature is GiveSmart.  GiveSmart is where you can sign up for your favorite charity listed (or submit a request to add your favorite one) and at the end of each month, the charity with the most points receives $1000 from CoupSmart.  You have to get this app!

Disclaimer- I am not getting paid or endorsed for this post.  I am just a fan of something awesome.  (And I won a daily contest too!)  Have a great weekend y’all!

Enjoy this parting shot of a snowy New York…


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  1. CoupSmart says:

    Thanks for the kudos, Daisy! We are so glad you like our cool new app. I also see you’re entered into this week’s Mug Hug competition. We’ll be drawing a random name out of our proverbial hat here shortly. Maybe you won’t win the Megamillions, but you might just win a mug! 🙂

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