Dear Barbie (an open letter)

Yesterday morning I was walking through the city and I saw a big ‘ol billboard from Ken asking Barbie to get back together.  Let me start by saying that I love Barbie, always have.  And I just feel it’s my duty to send her an open letter to let her know she doesn’t have to be pressured by such a grandiose gesture.  Also I don’t think I care too much for this Ryan Seacresty Ken.

My Dear Barbie,
How are you?  I know it’s been a while since we talked.  Moving out of the house was hard on both of us, but I had to go to college and then make a career path of my own.  You taught me that.  You were always such a doll.
You started out working at McDonald’s and worked your way through several careers.  
You were even a cheerleader, like me!  

You had a nice house, but what I remember the most was great big patio and pool and the great parties you threw there.  

Remember how on the weekends we would hang out at the local ice cream parlor before your big shows with The Rockers?  Remember Derek?  So cute!  I know Ken was there, but it always seemed like he blended into the background.  He was different in the 80s.  
I  always felt that you missed the way he was before the corporate world got him down.  When he was the rugged, messy headed, free spirited Ken.

But there you were, sticking it out as long as you could because it was expected.  You both had those smiling faces for all those years.  It’s probably why no one saw the break-up coming.  As close as we were, I never saw it coming.  I was devastated and I understood what you must have been going through.

But, you picked up and moved on and continued with your life.  Even continuing your movie career.  But, I think Ken was a little jealous of the attention you were still  getting and he wanted to be a part of it.  I wonder who he knows at Pixar?  We all saw him sweep you off your feet with that Dreamhouse.  Deep down, you want a knight in an ascot with a pink house like all of us.

I guess he wanted to prove that he could provide for you.  I respect that old fashioned, caring side of Ken.  Plus, that closet space- WOW!
In the end though I think you have to do what your heart tells you.  It’s hard to forget all the good times you had.  Now that Ken is 50, I guess he feels it’s time to finally settle into a life together.  He had a taste of what life was like without you and frankly, I think it scared him.  You are an awesome girlfriend and friend.
Ha!  Remember all those fashion shows we had when I was younger?  I was so glad I saw you at Fashion Week a few years back.  You never lost your drive and enthusiasm for life.  
I still admire how much you do.  Don’t change!  Thanks for being a good friend.  You may have a few missteps but you get yourself up and start again.  So, Barbie, I can’t tell you what to do about Ken, but I can tell you this, whatever you decide, it should be about you and not what everyone wants you to do.

Lots of Love,


P.S.- If YOU want to vote on whether Barbie should take Ken back visit


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