People, Let me tell you ’bout my best friend

The past few weeks have been like a crazy roller coaster, thankfully I have had my family and friends around.  And I have one friend in particular I can’t wait to talk about.

We met the year I turned 6.  We did everything together!  Family vacations, road trips, airplane rides.  Even went to college together.  This friend is loyal, a great listener, a hugger and  always knows how to make me feel better.

A little shy, for a while my friend was overshadowed by his famous cousins.  But, this friend has so much heart.  Thats what makes him a great friend.  It’s also probably why they are named Lots of Heart.  

24 years of friendship.  Wow.  I was back at my mom and dad’s a few days ago and there was my sweet Care Bear Cousin, sitting there happy as ever.  A little worn out, a little less pink from all the washes my mom would get in after I was sick or had  traveled.  Lotsa (as I call him) has been told more secrets that anyone or anything, has soaked up my tears and was a comforting hug when I was fast asleep.  Oh, and the trips we took together!  Car trips back and forth to Penn State, my first flight ever, cross-country to California, and our first European flight.  That trip he even met my seat companion, Sven a Swedish businessman.  A combination of turbulence and Sven’s coffee gave Lotsa a little temporary stain.  Thank goodness it came out!

We have been through so much together, Lotsa is part of the family now.  The dog even respects that, and would never dream of harming Lotsa.  Lotsa lives with my mom and dad for most of the year.  I know he’s safe and he has my old room to himself.  As I was walking by my room the other day I snapped this.  Poor thing was probably tuckered out from all the chit chatting I did.  

So, to all the woobies, security blankets, bears, dolls and Lotsa’s out there, Thank You.  You hold our secrets, dreams, fears, thoughts and prayers and you never mutter a word of it.  To have a sounding board that will just listen and not judge is priceless.


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