Dinner at Industria Argentina

This is  part one of a two-part series on New York City’s Restaurant Week, winding down on February 27.

As I have mentioned before, I have great friends.  And when you find friends that are up for a new culinary adventure, well, what more could  a food blogger ask for?  Especially when I stick a camera in their plate!

First up this restaurant week was Industria Argentina.  Making my way through the snow and ice-covered cobblestone streets of TriBeCa, I reached I.A. about the same time a fire truck pulled up in front of the restaurant.  I scoped out the firemen(!), waited to make sure they weren’t actually going into the restaurant and scooted in from the cold, blustery wind common so close to the Hudson.  I was immediately warmed by the rustic and earthy interior of the restaurant.  The exposed dark wood beams and golden walls were a welcome from the cold.  My friends were seated at a big long table in from of the kitchen window, looking through it was like looking into the soul of the restaurant.

I poured over the delicious looking three course pre fixe menu and came up with great selections.   Everything I chose was unbelievable and my friends really enjoyed their meals as well!

Argentinean classic lentil stew, bacon, Spanish sausage and spicy mojo sauce

I grew up eating my mom’s lentil soup.  This was as delicious as her’s but with a spicy twist.  Amazing!

Cordero Braseado- braised leg of lamb, creamy polenta. Malbec jus

Oh my, where do I begin?  First of all, this dish was topped with house made dried tomatoes.  Sweet, tart and a great balance to the rich dish.  I really like lamb, but except for Easter and the occasional street meat eats I don’ t eat it. The meat was buttery, rich and perfectly seasoned.  It was so good I also needed to take a few more shots, so enjoy and try not to get drool on your keyboard.  

OMG, did you see how the meat just fell apart?  Amazing.  Even though the polenta was creamy and rich, it paired really well with the rich lamb meat.

If it was possible, there was still another course to go.  Thankfully, the restaurant was great about not rushing us out or rushing the courses.  We were able to have great conversation time while we digested.

Sweets are always a favorite of mine and I love when classic dessert are given a makeover.

Warm apple pie, cinnamon ice cream

For my final course I decided on a delicious apple pie with flavor packed cinnamon ice cream. The pie was made in a square or oblong pan instead of a traditional round pan.  The pie was served on a plate dressed with a berry compote and creme anglaise and topped off with a delicate and delicious sugar design.

I was the only one of the group to stray from the Buñuelos.

Buñuelos- Sugar coated baby donuts, dulce de leche and chocolate sauces

Aren’t these so cute?  These warm donuts were sugary and just absorbed the delicious sauces that accompanied the treats.  Plus, the dish they came in were so funky!  I did dunk my fork into the sauces, and the chocolate was very good.  But, the dulce de leche had a lot of deep flavor and sweet and buttery.  This one definitely won out.

Anytime, I get together with my friends is a good time.  Being able to share amazing food, wine and great conversation just makes everything better.  Here’s to you and your friends!

Check back for part two of New York City’s Restaurant Week, when I review dinner at Bar Basque.


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