Dinner at Bar Basque

Hey!  Hope you are all having a great week so far!  Today’s post is part two of my New York Restaurant Week coverage.  Once again I found myself surrounded by fabulous friends who love to eat.  We made a date for Bar Basque, a wonderful Spanish restaurant in the Garment District.

The restaurant’s main color scheme was red.  Bright cherry walls, sleek marble tables, and large topiaries filled the space.   We sat in the greenhouse type room in the back and were immediately served warm and crusty bread accompanied by a very fruity olive oil.  

After we ordered, our waiter brought over a complimentary tapas from the chef.  The selection of the evening was a fresh mussel atop a root vegetable pureé.  The smooth and earthy pureé was a perfect compliment to the sweet, oceany mussel.

Fresh mussel with a root vegetable puree (and yummy bread!)

The one thing we all agreed on was our first course.  The combination of flavors and textures just blew me away.  It was a delicious mix of a light, yet flavorful cheese broth topped with a crispy poached egg, Serrano ham, roasted potatoes and sweet roasted peppers.  The mash up of flavors may seem unusual at first, but it was like a deconstructed  cheese and ham omelet.  Delicious!

Doesn’t that just make you want to lick your screen?

By this point, I figured the meal could only get better.  For my main course I tried paella for the first time.  Full of chicken, chorizo and peppers, it was served in an individual paella pan.  The rice was crispy on the bottom, telling me it was also cooked in the pan.  The rice was flavored with saffron and very aromatic.


Delicious Paella in a cute dish!


Look at all the moist chicken!


More Paella full of bright peppers and spicy sausage



While I enjoyed the paella,  my fellow diners feasted on  Golden Snapper bathed in a parsley & white wine sauce.  It came with a side of clams and whipped potatoes.

Dessert had to be pretty good to be able to compete with the spectacular savory courses.  Bar Basque didn’t disappoint!  There were two choices on the Restaurant Week menu.  We decided to get a few of each and share.

The first dessert we tried was a twist on a Latin favorite.  Chocolate flan served with a chocolate dipped cookie and cherries cooked in port wine.  Very rich and flavorful, this was a delicious ending, but not being a huge chocolate fan, this was not my first choice.

For a perfect ending to my meal I decided to go with the Torta de Santiago.  The torta (cake) was a sponge cake with a delicate almond flavor and a touch of a crust, dusted in powdered sugar.  The cake was served with a tart Meyer lemon curd, a dollop of a very floral honey and a scoop of honey ice cream.


My dessert and a snippet of the beautiful marble table
The delicate sponge cake and a bit of the Meyer lemon curd
Honeyed ice cream, floral honey and sugar decorations

I hope you enjoyed my coverage on my Restaurant Week experience.  I always say that I have never had a bad meal in New York and Bar Basque was no exception.  A beautiful restaurant, a flavorful menu and great friends make for a perfect dining experience.  Mangia!






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