Two words- Lobster BLT

I haven’t seen much of my kitchen recently with the exception of making the occasional cup of coffee in our newish Keurig machine.  Which means I haven’t really turned on my stove or cooked much.  But, I have been frequenting some yummy spots in New York trying all different items.  On a recent gorgeously sunny Sunday, I met up with one of the first friends I made in New York.  We decided on meeting in the Lincoln Center area and I suggested we have lunch at P.J. Clarke’s.

P.J. Clarke’s is this iconic New York hamburger spot with several locations.  It is old-world classic; dark wood, complete with a raw bar, and the juiciest, most perfectly cooked hamburgers anywhere.  Because their burgers are so good, I rarely stray from ordering one, but this particular afternoon I was feeling a little more luxurious and felt like indulging a bit.  So I went for the King, the Lobster BLT.  And since my dining companion and I are both lovers of potatoes we split an order of Parmesan tater tots served with roasted red pepper aioli.  And they were awesome!

First let me show you this sandwich.  Here’s one angle…

and another…

Yes, that’s a claw hanging out.  While I debated between the lobster and a Reuben, the waitress helped me make my final decision.  She told me that the lobster was the freshly steamed meat from an average 1 pound lobster, hand-shelled and then placed in the sandwich.  Clearly, that was the deciding factor because I thought that it was going to be a lobster salad similar to what you find on a lobster roll.  And I knew it was fresh the minute I took my first bite because I inevitably bit into a shell.  Oh, well!  ‘Tis the price to pay for succulent lobster.

The sandwich was served on a delicious, chewy Ciabatta roll that was slathered with what I believe was an avocado pesto.  The pesto was topped with red, juicy tomato slices and crisp yet, slightly chewy bacon on one side, and red leaf lettuce on the other side.  On top of that the lobster was nestled, waiting for me to dig into it.  The whole thing came with the perfect accompaniment, a garlicy, crunchy pickle!

Not much is worthy enough to stand up to such an indulgent sandwich, but the Parmesan tater tots were up for the challenge.

First of all, I have never seen tots this big, they were twice the size of a normal tot.  They were tossed in herbs and Parmesan cheese, giving them an elevated sense of class.  These were definitely not the tater tots of school lunch days.  Now, I would definitely be categorized as a potato purist, I don’t eat them with anything other that salt and definitely not ketchup ( I know, I know) but the tots were served with a smooth and zesty roasted red pepper aioli which added a nice zip.

While lunch was delicious and filling, nothing beats an afternoon catching up with a good friend.  Happy Thursday!


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  1. Nikki says:

    Yummmm!!! I’ve never heard of a lobster blt but next time I’m in a seafood place I’m definetly asking for one!

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