April, Fool me one more time and it’s over…

Well, here we are…April. By the looks of things, we should be watching out for a blizzard in July. I do have one request: Mother Nature, please take a vacation!. I think you are a little stressed out. Hmmm.

Anyway, April has always been one of my favorite months. It starts off funny. I love jokes, like the one April Fool’s Day I called my mom and dad and told them I was jailed for underage drinking to which they responded to with laughter. Not the reaction I was expecting. But, what are you going to do, my parents are smart people.

April is also so beautiful. The tulips are popping up, daffodils start peeking through and the grass even looks greener.

But, probably the best part of April is that I can finally shove my boots to that black hole they go to until October. Darn it, April! I want to wear my new open-toed heels!!! I also need a justifiable reason to start my pedicure regime. Thank goodness for my “birthday pedi” and “Christmas gift to myself” to get me through the Winter. What’s a girl to do?  You know what she does?   She sits down, turns away from the dreary window and jots down a few notes with my fuzzy Peeps pen.


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