No-Cook Salad!


THIS SALAD NEEDS NO COOKING! Okay, bear with me, I am really trying to sound like an amazing cook. Word on the street, though, is that you don’t actually need to cook a salad  to enjoy. Hmp. Who knew? Seriously, though, this is a great salad, even if you are in a rush!  Plus, with this added bonus of a picture, you can see that it not only tastes delicious but it LOOKS delicious too!

All you need is a clean, crispy bunch of romaine lettuce, one or two good tomatoes (I like Roma because they are really red and sweet) one shaved carrot, one thinly sliced, hard-boiled egg, 1 tsp. good olive oil, a pinch of salt & Italian seasonings.

Delicious, low in calories and the protein in the egg keeps you satisfied and energized! Who says I’m not a cook? (Actually, tons of people) but to heck with it, Enjoy! XO Katina


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