Tea at Fortnum and Mason

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  After 2 weeks of being back in the States from an amazing trip to London I have gotten all my photos uploaded and can’t wait to share with you one of the best afternoons I spent in London, having tea at the St. James Restaurant in Fortnum and Mason.  Fortnum and Mason is this iconic store in London, on Piccadilly, that has floor after floor of restaurants, food hampers, specialty foods, tea sets, china and many more culinary delights.  The windows of Fortnum and Mason are a sight to be seen as well.  A butterfly theme for Spring was woven through each display as well as products, teas and kitchen accessories.  My friend and I ordered the Classic Afternoon Tea.  We started by ordering our tea type.

I went with the Black Rose Pouchong Tea. A black tea with rose petals, the tea was so delicious I bought one of the gorgeous boxes as a souvenir.

As we sat on luxurious couches, cozy and warm the winds kicked up and the rain began to pelt the windows.  The first (and only) rain we saw in London and we were inside!  Our waiter came around and brought our canapes.  Three to try, there was salmon mousse on toasted baguette, Stilton tart and sausage in pastry.  All delicious, but the Stilton tart was definitely my favorite.

Then the waiter brought out a delectable tray of pastries and we got to pick as many as we wanted, and then came the tea sandwiches, scones and Madeleines complete with strawberry and raspberry jams and rich clotted cream.  The tea sandwiches included Corn Fed Chicken, Rocket,Wholegrain Mustard Mayonnaise on Granary Bread; Cucumber, Cream Cheese & Watercress on White Bread: Free Range Egg & Mustard Cress on Wholemeal Bread; Crayfish Tails, Sour Cream & Dill on Blini and Oak Smoked Salmon with Lemon Butter on Soda Bread.  My favorite was the crayfish.  If you haven’t had them they are similar to tiny lobsters and the blinis are miniature pancakes.  You can see this lovely bite on the bottom dish on the left.  Tea is wonderful, fancy tea is even better, but nothing beats having tea with a good friend in one of the most exciting cities in the world!  We ate until we were stuffed, sipped incredibly flavorful tea and drank in all the fanciness F and M had to offer.  It was a perfect way to end the first part of our trip.  Thanks Marybeth for showing me London!


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  1. Christine says:

    Omigawd — I am so jealous! Everything you ate and drank looks divine!

    Leave it to the British to make cray fish edible, too — they’re easy to dig up on the beaches around here (Vancouver), but no one actually eats them… or maybe it’s just that no one knows how to prepare them.

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