Mom, thank you for being a friend

Happy Foodless Friday!  Some weeks, trying to decide what to fill this space with will elude me.  But this week I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  As every greeting card store, flower shop and jewelry store has reminder us, Sunday in Mother’s Day.  But the biggest arrangement or most poetic card never seems enough for the person who gave you life.  I am guilty of buying into the hype, too.  But this year I decided in addition to any gifts I wanted to use this time to thank my mom for all the amazing things she has done for me, whether she realized it at the time or not.  She gives and gives and wants nothing in return. Ok, maybe some grandkids. And a son-in-law. He’s around here somewhere… I hope you’ll stick around to read this.  Maybe it will inspire you to thank the most important mom figure in your life.

Hey Mom,
How are you? Is Truffles still barking at the “damn” squirrel? (It took me five hours to come up with that first line and that’s what I got. Let’s hope the rest of this goes better) Anyway, I want and need to thank you for so much. Get comfy. Maybe have one of those pineapple flowers from the Edible Arrangement we sent. Ready?

First, thanks for giving me life, you too Dad!  Thank you for letting me express my personality and for not making me take off those yellow frames I used to wear everywhere.  Thank you for the ballet lessons, for teaching me how to be a lady, for teaching me what fork to use, for encouraging my creativity, for trusting me to cook fancy dinners, for taking me to the library and for passing on a love of books.  For teaching me to clean, cook, bake, clean a chicken properly, make Easter pies, St. Joseph cakes and gravy.  For driving me to dance, Girl Scouts, cheerleading, softball, field hockey and volleyball, for volunteering for EVERYTHING.  I was always so excited and proud to see you.

Thanks for driving to all my field trips, for not sending me off to camp in the summer so that we could spend time together, for taking us on trips to the Shore, for making me write out that memory book, even though I didn’t want to- I’ll appreciate it now, for listening to me recite my entire day of events from kindergarten until 5 minutes ago when I gave you the afternoon update, for always answering the phone, for teaching me to garden, to understand and nurture flowers, for making me eat my vegetables and for never letting me say “ew”.

Thank you for comforting me when I cry, for reminding me that some people will never let go of their 6th grade mentality.  Thank you for my drive and ambition, my determination and foresight.  Thank you for encouraging me to follow my heart and my gut, for emotional and financial support while I figure out my path in life, thank you for giving me a big sister!  Thank you for teaching me to pray, to believe in God and for sending me to Catholic school.  Thank you for your strong faith and for taking me to Mass.

Thank you for your strength when you were sick, for making me laugh even when you may have wanted to cry. For proudly hanging onto your wig, the cable car, the video camera and your purse without losing any of them, for finally ditching the wig and letting your little sprouts show. Thanks for taking me to get my hair highlighted, my ears pierced, pedicures and for letting me experiment with your make-up.

Thank you for staying up with me while I did my homework, projects, and book reports. Thanks for all the car rides when we would just talk, those are some of my best memories. Thank you for loving me no matter what size or shape I am.  For your hugs and kisses, for encouraging me to be the best Krista I can be…thank you!


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