These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty!

God love my aunt Shannon. Not only is my Godmother a great baker and cook, she always manages to find the best foodie gifts. She’s the same aunt that gifted me with this fabulous necklace among other things. Plus, as a fellow cake decorator, she’s a great resource to ask about frostings, tips and fondant.

So last week (where has the time gone!) I was at a family picnic at her house for Memorial Day, stuffed from all the yummy food when she asked what I was blogging about next. Since I was just saying to myself: 1. Why can’t I find a decent pretzel in New York. 2. I really have to blog about how hard it is to find a good pretzel and 3. I have to make pretzels so I can blog about them. I blurted out Pretzels! I have to make pretzels!

Well, my jaw just about dropped when she opened her cupboard and presented me with a box. It was a make at home Auntie Anne’s pretzel kit. For you who may not know Auntie Anne’s is a pretzel haven for all mall, airport and train station goers. What you may not know, is that there really was an Auntie Anne. A woman named Anne Beiler, who founded Auntie Anne’s in 1988...She and her husband Jonas opened a farmer’s market stand that originally sold many different snack foods, including pretzels, as well as her special Old-fashioned Lemonade. This stand was created to help finance their dream of opening a free family counseling center in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After a mix-up with some ingredients, and a little experimentation, the dough our company uses for all our fresh pretzels was born, and so was Auntie Anne’s.

The line at the local Auntie Anne’s was always so long but always worth the wait. I can remember the first time I had the cinnamon sugar pretzel, I was intrigued and perhaps a little skeptical but WOW! Yummy, yummy! It was the place to snack on Friday nights walking around the mall.

So, anyway, I was so excited by the pretzel kit that the next day I set up shop in my mom and dad’s kitchen and proceeded to shape my first twists. The instructions were very clear, the only change I made was making my pretzels smaller to get more from the dough. The signature move of the Auntie Anne’s pretzel is that it is dipped in butter so I dipped the cinnamon sugar sticks, but I left the salty ones butterless.

Here are the steps picture by picture. If you can find this kit, make the pretzels because they are delicious. If you can’t find it, you should make pretzels anyway because they are awesome and you can do so much with them! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. kyle says:

    I am making danny read this over and over until his Auntie Anne’s pretzels look as good as yours!!! They look great!!! My mom gave us the same kit too. lol

  2. Erin says:

    Love Auntie Anne’s!

    I just googled to see if i could get the kit online, and found recipes!!

    i’ll try the deep dish pizza and get back to you. 😉

  3. Christine says:

    I don’t live in California anymore, but I remember Auntie Anne’s delicious pretzels! It’s nice to know that she was real (and not just some made-up marketing character) and that she was a generous philanthropist!

    Now I’m totally jealous of your pretzels. 🙂

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