A Sandwich to Brighten Your Day


Picture it.  Monday night.  6 o’clock-ish.  New York grocery store.  A grown woman (me) trying to beat the thunderstorm that was quickly approaching combs the aisles looking for a dinner option that doesn’t require her to heat up the kitchen.  Why make the AC work harder than it already does?

Cereal? Eh.  Salad?  Had it for lunch.  Omelette?  Falls under the “have to heat the kitchen” category.  Falling back on my failsafe, a turkey sandwich, I grabbed my favorite smoked turkey from the deli.  If I was in a different store I would have probably gone for the buffalo chicken lunchmeat- awesome!!!

Getting back to the task at hand, I made my way to the bread aisle.  Sometimes I wonder what the h-e-double hockey sticks happened to just plain, white, Stroehmann bread.  Yellow bag, Grandpa Stroehmann on the side, had it since I was a kid.  Now I struggle deciding between white “but shh it’s really not white” bread, wheat, whole grain, 7-grain, hearty oat, thin bread, flatbread, pita bread, pocketless pita bread, Kaiser roll, bagel, bagel thins, mini bagels…well, you get the point.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I love bread, all of it, any kind.  And anything I chose was going to be delicious anyway.   I reached my hand out to grab the first thing I saw when a glimpse of red caught my eye.

“What is this?!” I exclaimed, as my eyes grew bigger and I took on the mannerisms of a five-year old on a sugar rush.  It was the most beautiful bread my eyes had ever seen.  

I had heard about such a thing, but this was the first time I saw it.  At this point there was no question that it was going in my hand basket.  My mind began going into overdrive at all the great things these 8 little fish-shaped rolls were going to make.  If you are wondering about taste, they are just like the Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats only 1000% cuter.

Barely containing my excitement I chuckled to myself and said this would be funnier if I decide to make tuna.  The sandwich was as cute (and delicious) as I had hoped for.

I did manage to beat the thunderstorms home.  And as I settled in to a full DVR and my turkey on Goldfish, I smiled to myself that something so simple could make me so happy.  It was quite a day of nostalgia (see Happy Birthday Wienermobile) and it’s nice to be reminded of childhood, no matter what age you are.  And sometimes the simplest things are still the best.


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