Something’s Fruity

One of my purchases (and lunch dessert)- A sweet and juicy freestone peach

Am I the only one who put their head down sometime in May, just looked up and realized with stunned surprise that it’s a week from Labor Day.  What?!  I haven’t made it to a baseball game, the Shore or even Coney Island this Summer.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to haul my arse to the farmer’s market on Saturday and loaded myself up with 25 pounds of fruits and vegetables.  And if you think I figured out how much I bought by standing on a scale holding my purchases and subtracting my body weight…you’d be right.

My over-zealous purchase left me with a problem.  Running out of space for all the fruit I got, I popped a bowl of neatly sliced triangles of seedless watermelon into the freezer.  I figured they would be happy in there nestled between my ice and bag of Costco Flounder fillets ( sidenote-versatile and delicious).  I threw some grapes in there for good measure.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I know people have been eating frozen grapes forever, I just never saw the need to eat them frozen.  Well, it took a packed fridge to show me the light.  The pale green orbes were bursting with sweet and tangy flavor.  More refreshing than an ice pop and as natural as a snack come, it was a mid-day treat that didn’t last nearly as long as I would have liked.

As far as the watermelon, because it is such a watery fruit it took really well to the freezer.  I should have stuck a fondue fork (I don’t have wooden sticks) into the slices before I froze them, then they would really be like fruit pops.  Instead I ate it as is and even chunked one piece and floated it in a glass of lemonade as makeshift ice cubes.  A drink and snack in one!

Whatever you decide to do with the last remaining days of Summer, try to incorporate one of these fruit tips into your routine and as always have a fabulous day!


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