Chip Lovers Unite!

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Way back in 1853, the humble potato was transformed into the thin, crisp and fried concoction we know as the potato chip.  

The place: Saratoga Springs, NY.  

The inventor: George Crum.

The reason: Some pain in the bleep complained that his French fries were too thick.  Crum made him a thinner batch and it still wasn’t good enough for said diner.  Finally (and as an ex-line cook the part I like best) Crum made fries that were too thin to eat with a fork, hoping to annoy the customer, because he is always right.  

Lo and behold, the customer was happy and potato chips were born.  And we are lapping up chips more than ever here in the good ol’ USA and around the world.  We’ll even drink up the “Crum”bs at the bottom of the bag.  Thank goodness there was minimal “Crumb”ling (sorry no more puns) of the East Coast after yesterday’s earthquake.  Anyway, here’s to you, Mr. “I invented the Potato Chip, what have you done lately” Man.  You are a real man of genius. 

Have a fabulous day! 


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  1. jamiebobamie says:

    I love potato chips! Even wrote a song about ’em.

    Did you know that March 15 is National Potato Chip Day? Yeah, I’m just full of useless facts.

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