Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day!


Can you believe there is a day to celebrate the Toasted Marshmallow?  I’m just upset I didn’t come up with it first!  I love toasted marshmallows.  I was a camp counselor in college and for Masquerade Day one year I went as a Roasty Toasty Marshmallow.  My mom helped make my costume out of batting and I sewed a stick into it and we brushed brown shoe polish around the edges to look toasty.  I came in second place to a guy in a hot dog costume (true story).  It was awesome.  I always jump at the chance to get the S’mores platter at Cosi and I even caved and bought my own S’more kit just so I can roast marshmallows whenever I want.  Hello, Sterno.  In order to celebrate I thought I would share with you this twist on my favorite sweet, the Rice Krispie Treat!  My mom is a fabulous cook, and even her simple Rice Krispie Treats are legendary.  I have never found anyone’s who have come close to hers, not even mine.

The recipe is basic.  But there are two things that are essential to making them perfect everytime.  One, you have to use butter and two, you have to cook the marshmallow over the stove.  Yes, you can make them in the microwave.  You can also cook chicken in the microwave, but it doesn’t mean you should.  There is a certain nuttiness to cooking the marshmallow over the stove that you can’t duplicate.  So here is my recipe for Toasted Marshmallow Krispie Treats.


1-16 oz bag of regular sized marshmallows
4 T Butter + more to butter the pan
6 Cups Rice Krispies cereal

Lightly butter a 13x9x1 pan and set aside.  I just peel back the wrapper and run the stick around the pan so I don’t get my hands greasy.  Turn on your oven to broil.  Arrange the marshmallows on a baking sheet and toast them under broiler for 1-2 minutes until they are browned and a little blistered.  Don’t leave the oven, otherwise you’ll have coal.  Carefully remove them from the oven and let them cool.  Once the marshmallows are cool, heat the butter and add the marshmallows and stir them together with a wooden spoon (the best in my opinion) until they are melted.  *Note- Sometimes, if I think my mixture is getting too hot, I pull the pan off the burner and continue to stir using the residual heat and then I’ll put them back on and so on.  Turn off the stove and remove the marshmallow mixture from the heat.  Add the cereal and continue to mix until everything is coated.  Pour into the prepared 13x9x1 pan and spread to the corners. Tip- The easiest way to do this is to wet the back of a stainless steel spoon to smooth and spread.  The water creates a barrier and the spoon won’t stick.  Once cool, cut into squares and enjoy!

Variation- For a s’mores-like treat mix in one cup of chopped milk chocolate or milk chocolate chips before pouring into the pan.  I don’t recommend switching graham cereal for the Rice Krispies because I think the texture is off.


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