Christmas Baking

Ahh, Christmas time.  The air is crisp, the lights are bright and my sugar high runs  through the New Year.  Every year I like to bake up a few treats to give to coworkers.  This year I decided to try my hand at fudge (amazing!) and Snickerdoodles (a classic).  Now, coming from an Italian household, I never even had a Snickerdoodle unless a neighbor had them on their cookie tray.  But cookies were and still are a big deal in my family.  My mom “took it easy” this year and only made 5 different types of cookies instead of the normal 8 or so.  Types, not dozens.  I remember her cookie count being in the thousands some year.   We have these big, vintage cans that have been passed down from my grandmoms and we still use them to keep the cookies fresh.  We do things big.  So in keeping with that tradition I went ahead and made petite rounds of fudge instead of little squares.  More to share, or more to bite into depending on how you look at it.

I also had a birthday a few days ago and decided to finally spring for Hipstamatic. I am obsessed with this app!  Do you have it?  It does get some taking used to, especially when you are used to having sharp clear pictures.  These are grainy and vintage looking but I think they add character.  So take a gander at my cookies and fudge.  I even threw in one of the Rockefeller Center tree, just to make sure you are all in the Christmas spirit!  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Try this Christmas appetizer this year.  I took crescent rolls sprinkled with Locatelli cheese (you can use Parmesan or Romano) and some herbs.  Rolled them up, cut into rounds and arranged on a parchment-lined paper in the shape of a tree. 140806208027526_KCYKfBow_c


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