Honk If You Had One


You know what’s the best and worst thing about the Internet?  The way that one search turns into another than another like a domino effect until you aren’t even sure how you got to where you end up.

Today after an enjoyable and laughable must-click video of the endearing Swedish Chef (of Muppets fame) on Dash Recipes I came across pages of Muppets merchandise.

Do you remember Croonchy Stars Cereal?

What about these sweet, furry friends?  Honkers! The minute I saw these I was back to being a 3-year-old.

I had the one in the middle- a bright orangey-pink soft body with a yellow nose and horn ears that would honk when you squeezed the nose.

I used to love watching the Honkers on Sesame Street.  They were cute and furry like all Muppets and they “honked” when they talked!

So what about you my faithful readers?  Did you have a Honker?

Enjoy your weekend and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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