Who? Dr. Who.

Let me start my saying that with the exception of a trip to a Dr. Who Experience while I was in England last year I have had no other experience, knowledge or understanding of the whole Dr. Who phenomenon.  My understanding of the whole this is still a little low, however cake I know.  Cake is safe, and when someone tells you they are having Dr. Who viewing party, you answer with only one phrase.  “I’m making you a TARDIS cake.”

So, my faithful readers, that is what I did.  I studies the shaped of the TARDIS, other cakes online.  I was determined to make a 3D model as close to the actual TARDIS as I could.  I like to think that I had a little artistic interpretation thrown in.

Take a look for yourself and see how you think I did.  I’m not going to lie, it was fun and the most difficult part was standing on a packed subway train praying that the mom next to me would take an interest in her screaming child and the guy on my right would stop bumping into me.  I was petrified taking it out of the box, but SUCCESS!  It came out in one piece.

Normally, the hostess would take the honor of cutting the cake.  But no one had the heart to ruin in.  As the baker, the most important thing is for my work to not only be nice to look at but to be enjoyed.  So I dissected it right in half and doled it out.  Sweet, buttery and a hit of extra sugar from the fondant came together for an out of this world cake experience.  Hope you enjoy! -Krista


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  1. Marybeth says:

    I have to say, as the said hostess, it really was the most astounding cake I’ve ever encountered! You did such an amazing job with this.

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