New Year, New Daisy

funny-old-weight-loss-adA new year, a new start.  Like many of others today is going to be my last first day on Weight Watchers, getting back to a gym for the first time in a few years, walking the longer way from the bus stop.  There is also purging my purse and makeup bag; reorganizing the kitchen, closets and shelves.  Backing up the computer, finally reading the magazines that have been piling up since September.

But, I have a lot of hope for this year and I plan on staying on track.  My first obstacle was 30 seconds after I sat down this morning with my balanced and point counted breakfast, my boss (who I love) brought bagels and cream cheese in and we set them up at my desk.  Try sniffing an everything bagel for 4 hours and thankfully, you’ll think twice about picking one up.  Bagel crisis averted!

You’d think it would be hard writing about food when you are constantly trying to lose weight and you’d be right.  But, there are ways around it.  So look out for my adventures and tips and tricks as I navigate my way to a better me.  I don’t like food that tastes “diet-y”.  This is also why I stopped going to WW meetings and committed myself to participate online only.  To any and all WW leaders out there- If you can eat anything as long as you count points, don’t push fat-free mayo or Pam or butter spray on me at every turn.  If I want any of the above, I will use the real version and count it, whatever the points are.  Because, call me crazy, but I’d rather have a teaspoon of real mayo with ingredients that I can pronounce then a half of a cup of the fat-free version that taste like something I stepped in.  But, I’m getting off topic here!

Anyway, I am re-learning to cook in a Points-friendly way so watch out for some modified classics that are better for you!  The other help I am allowing myself is to use an app called “Collect”.  It’s a program where you set up a calendar to collect photos- I chose one photo a day and I made two different calendars.  One of a full-length photo head on and one that’s full-length photo as a profile.  I can’t wait to see the changes as the months progress.

Here’s to an amazing New Year!  I’m off to buy a new pair of sneakers!


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  1. So true with the enjoyment of REAL butter, REAL mayo, etc! I feel the same way. I’d rather eat less of something else and have condiments that taste good!

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