Snaaaack Forever by Snack Attack


Hi!  Happy Friday!  (Did anyone get the title play on words from Saved By the Bell?  Friends Forever.  Zack Attack.  Hello?)  Anywhoosle, in the past I’ve always kept Fridays as Foodless, but I wanted to let you know about some great snacks I found so I think bending the rules this once is ok 🙂

I am all about fresh produce but sometime its nice to have something good for you that can also be a “treat”.  I found the Just Fruit & Grains bar from SunRype for just that occasion.  I found them in the produce section of the grocery store back home for 2/$1.  So even if they were terrible it wasn’t a total loss.  But I had the Summer Berries one as a mid-morning snack (as you can see) and it was delicious.  To anyone on WW it came out to 4 PointPlus Value.  Sweet, but not cloying, chewy, texture-filled and 2 servings of fruit per bar.  I also bought the Strawberry Mango flavor which is equivalent to 2 servings of fruit and veggies per bar.  Didn’t try this one yet, but it looks promising!  I’m going to put it into my snack rotation with my old faithful Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bars (also 4 PointPlus Value).


On the veggie front, I miraculously found an English Cucumber in my fridge last night that was still fresh considering I bought it a few weeks ago.  That is not the secret snack, who doesn’t know about the cucumber?  Anyway, I washed it, sliced it and had some last night with a zesty dunk.  Have you heard of Walden Farms?  They specialize in toppings, dressings and condiments that are No Calories, Fat, Carbs, Gluten or Sugar.  I am not going to lie.  I was scared.  I just got done writing the other day how I dislike the taste of low fat anything, but I saw that Walden Farms had a Chipotle Ranch dressing so I caved (a little) and bought it.  That was 2 months ago.  It’s been staring at my from the cupboard until last night, craving something spicy and not wanting to waste Points, I cracked opened the bottle.  A tang, a lot of zip and a slight hint of sweet.  I was impressed.  I can’t say how the rest of their products are but I can seriously see myself buying this again.  Maybe marinating chicken in it?  And the best part?  0 PointsPlus Value!

mini fridge

As you can see I will also be snacking on some today.  The foil-wrapped package?  WW Rye Bread (2 PointsPlus Value for 2 slices) and 1 Kraft Singles (also 2 PointsPlus Value) .  A 4 PointsPlus Value lunch!

What’s that you ask?  What’s that nifty cooler that’s holding my lunch?  It’s a desktop cooler/heater that cost me $5 at a sale at work.  It comes in handy for drinks, yogurt or anything that I want to keep cool for a few hours while I’m at my desk.  And yes, that is a corn dog air freshener hanging in the background.  I inherited it with my desk.

Have a fabulous weekend!  What are your plans?  I’m taking down Christmas decorations, grocery shopping and cooking for the week.  Plus I have to finish my book club book!



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  1. piracetam says:

    I too have used weight watchers before and quickly signed up for the new program.It is far more challenging to use (not user friendly) before I could look at a label and know very quickly what the pt value was (ie. 100 cal =2 pts) I think it is in part, to encourage purchasing new items from WW and to try and fix something that was not broken.I wish I could switch back online to the old point system.

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