Flaky Doughnuts at Home


Hello!  If you’ve been reading any type of food news in the past few weeks, you’ve heard of the famed Cronut by NYC’s  Dominique Ansel Bakery.  The cronut is a sweet and delightful marriage of a croissant and a doughnut.  Currently the wait for one is a few hours although you can also find them on the black market for ridiculous markups.

Am I jumping on the cronut bandwagon?  Possibly.  The truth is that a few months ago I fried up a couple of Grands! Flaky Layers Honey Butter biscuits and the end result was a delectable treat with a flaky, crunchy exterior and a pillowy soft inside.  I finished them off with a homemade maple glaze.  Why am I waiting until now to post them?  I’d like to think it’s because I had the foresight to wait until the height of the cronut  craze, when in actuality it’s because I recently came across a picture of them on my phone and I thought, “Hey, I should write about those.”

I’ll tell you what, if I wasn’t counting Weight Watchers points right now, I’d go ahead and fry up a batch!  But for now, I’ll just post this picture and be satisfied knowing that you, my readers, can enjoy them in your own home.

The Recipe:

1 can Grands! Flaky Layers Honey Butter Biscuits

Vegetable Oil

The Glaze:

1/2 c powdered sugar

Maple syrup

A dash of Vanilla

Rainbow Sprinkles (or Jimmies if you’re from my neck of the woods!)

The Method:

Separate the biscuits and cut out the center (don’t forget to save the holes!).  Heat up an inch of oil* in a high-sided frying pan (or use a fryer if you have one)-I have an electric stove and I had it set between 3 and 4.  Carefully add the biscuits to the oil ( I used tongs) and fry until golden on the first side (2-3 minutes), flip and fry the other side until completely cooked.  Drain on a few layers of paper towel, let cool slightly and toss in the Maple Glaze until covered.  To finish, top with your favorite Sprinkles!

To make the glaze- stir together the sugar, a dash of vanilla and a few tablespoons of maple syrup to make a thin consistency.  If you glaze while the doughnuts are still warm the glaze will soak in and make them extra tasty!

*To test the oil: put the end of a wooden spoon in the oil and watch for bubbles to appear.  At this point the oil should be hot enough to fry in.

I cut out the center of the biscuits using a pastry tip.
Fry 'em up!  I only used about an inch of used vegetable oil in a high sided skillet.
Fry ’em up! I only used about an inch of vegetable oil in a high sided skillet


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