Savory Fig-alicious Flatbread

Hi there!  Happy Monday!  Picture it- Friday.  10am.  I discovered I had a craving for figs and blue cheese.  Probably because I stumbled across this beauty from Martha Stewart.  This salty-sweet concoction looked amazing but I also knew I wanted some different flavor profiles if I was going to make a savory flatbread with figs.  Go do a quick online search and the possibilities and versions are endless.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Are you back?  Great.  So as I was saying, I knew there were only a few key ingredients that I wanted to taste on my flatbread.  Figs, Blue Cheese and Bacon.  I wanted something basic yet delicious.

So at lunchtime I took a walk and visited the fruit guy on the corner.  He was selling beautiful figs (12 for $3).  Score!  After work I picked up the rest of the ingredients- crumbled blue cheese, bacon and pizza dough.

As I’ve shown you before, I do make my own dough.  But, the dough at Trader Joe’s is pretty decent and I am 100% ok with using it in a pinch.

I’m paraphrasing here, but my sister claims…”This was the best thing she ever ate and that I should make it all the time…”  To which I replied in my Debbie Downer voice, “Well, this is really fig season, so it’s more of a seasonal dish.”  But you probably could swap the figs for pears, plums or even beets.  The possibilities are really endless and its a nice change-up from an ordinary pizza.


Savory Fig-alicious Flatbread (makes 2)

1 pound fresh pizza dough (let rest on the counter until soft and pliable)

4 oz Blue cheese, crumbled

1 pound bacon, cooked until crisp and chopped

8 medium/large fresh figs, chopped

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Divide the dough in half and stretch each piece to 1/4″ thick onto a lightly greased wire baking rack.  (You can also use the top of the broiler pan in a pinch).  Bake for 6-7 minutes until the dough is slightly browned and solidified.  Carefully take the crusts out of the oven.  (At this point, I flipped them over)  Drizzle with olive oil, using a pastry brush to distribute.  Toss the bacon and figs together and sprinkle evenly over the two crusts.  Dot the top with the crumbled blue cheese.  Use more or less depending on your taste.  Drizzle with another bit of olive oil and place back in the oven for 10 minutes, until the bacon is sizzling and the crust is browned and crunchy.

Tip #1- Make sure you use fresh figs especially since they are now in season.

Tip #2- Make sure your oven is clean, otherwise things may get smoky in there!

Tip #3- You can make this on a regular baking or cookie sheet however the dough never seems to get crispy enough for my liking.


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