Who is Daisy?

Hello!  Welcome to Dishin’ with Daisy.   I’m Krista, a lifelong foodie, I have been in the kitchen practically since birth.  Cooking is in my blood and I used to sit in my highchair and watch my Mom and Mom-mom prepare dinner.

At age 4, I made my first pot of coffee to surprise my Mom and Dad.  At 6, I made a batch of my Mom-mom’s chocolate cupcakes from scratch.  By 9, I had moved on to make a roasted chicken dinner and it has continued to progress from there.

I live in New York, the most exciting city in the world surrounded by even more amazing chefs.  I love to explore different places to eat as much as I love whipping up something in my own kitchen.  Food is a link to my past and Italian heritage and a way for me to forge my path in the “real world”.  Even my dog likes to eat…

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  1. Cute pup Krista! And so many posts to read – yea!

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