Favorite New York Haunts

Best Hamburger-Shake Shack.  They also win for Best Fries, Best Cheese Fries and don’t forget to try the ‘Shroom Burger; a treat for meat-eaters, too!

Best Pizza– John’s. All. The. Pizza. (Meatballs, too!)

Best Oatmeal Cookie– Levain Bakery. Gloriously big, studded with raisins and a middle so gooey it’s still warm when you get home (if it makes it that far).

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie– Jacques Torres. There’s a reason he’s called Mr. Chocolate.

Best Pastry– Pretzel Croissant at City Bakery. Crispy, flaky and just the right amount of salty.

Best Hot Dog– Gray’s Papaya. Like the sign says you can “Get your Nitrates there!”

Best Donut– Peter Pan Bakery. Red Velvet Donut? Yep. Glazed? Why Not. Called Peter Pan because they are magical? Most definitely.

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