Pancakes in the morning, Pancakes in the evening, Pancakes anytime!

Hotcakes, flapjacks, griddle cakes, crepes, latkes, short stacks, batter cakes, silver dollars, Dutch babies, blankets, cakes, johnnycakes.  Whatever term you call them, pancakes are a staple across many cultures.  And they are delightfully delicious.  I love pancakes.  I love them.  You can keep your waffles, I’ll take the pancakes please.  I have made pancakes from scratch a dozen times….

Brooklyn Brunch at Bubby’s

Always up for new brunch places and exploring new neighborhoods, I spent a fabulous afternoon brunching with friends in DUMBO at Bubby’s. Located at 1 Main Street it’s a gorgeous space with floor to ceiling views of Brooklyn Bridge Park and Manhattan in the background. I had the Bubby’s Breakfast: scrambled eggs, amazing bacon, cheesy…